Here we go again!!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

So here we go again! Another lockdown. Another period of being limited in where we can go. Another difficult time for families.

In light of this tonight I'm just going to reminisce on some activities we've enjoyed without leaving our own county since way back in March!!

Donegal is so beautiful and we are so lucky to live in a county with miles and miles of breathtaking wild Atlantic coastline. In addition we have so many other amazing outdoor 'attractions' that could be visited quite safely.

First up, Lough Eske.

What a beauty! The closest beauty spot to my home and what a special place this is.

You can begin your walk at the Gatehouse to Solis Castle on the shores of Lough Eske, walking along the lakeside pictured above. Skimming stones across the water is a favourite activity of my oldest son who's determined to get the maximum skims possible and beat his uncle 😄.

Moving back from the lake a little there is access to a board walk that will bring you along the lakeside to your right and through a beautiful woods. A magical wee walk that will have you imagining fairies and woodland folk frolicking through the trees, they are there for sure!!!

Coming out the other side of this wee forest walk you will come onto a roadway. Turn right and walk a short way until you reach the lake shores again. On this particular day in my photos, it was really warm and the kids kicked off their shoes and socks and couldn't resist wading in the water. It wasn't long before we spotted the fish jumping above the water surface!! Imagine the excitement of the kids now! My son suddenly had a new goal and that was to catch one of these little guys. And after quite a while his goal was reached to much squeals of excitement from his sister and cousins!! Moments like these are just so special, these adventures cannot be paid for, adventures like these are truly unique.

Also on the lake you will see the resident swans and ducks, bobbing along and trying to catch those little fishies!

At the lakeshore here there are some incredible rock formations also which we speculated were full of many fossils from prehistoric times.

The adventure ended here today but Lough Eske holds more for us and that I will share for you in my next blog!

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