Beach Addict!!

Hi there everyone!

My name is Diane, mum to 2, partner with my significant other and self confessed craft addict!!

I cannot believe that after all these many years of wanting my own website I am now finally here!!

I am absolutely blessed to live in the beautiful county of Donegal in Ireland. We are surrounded by the most beautiful beaches and they are so unspoilt and natural.

There is nothing like hitting the shores to clear the head. This has been more important this year than any other with all the drama and anxiety brought about by Covid-19.

This year whilst hitting the shores I discovered Seaglass! It has always been there but for the first time I saw with new eyes it's beauty and the potential for crafting.

Each piece is so unique and I never know what I will do with it until it is in my hand. I love the feel of the glass, holding it to the light, enjoying the textures, seeing the bubbles, imagining the past life it had! The copper that I use to wrap comes from old wiring and I re-purpose this. This jewelry is sustainable and recycled just what we need in today's world of waste.

This is of course only one of the crafts I dabble in! I have a few more too.

Join me on my journey of crafting, visit my shop, pop me a message and who knows where it will take us!

Diane xxx

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